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While we pride ourselves on making the mortgage process as easy and enjoyable as possible, one thing we take seriously is how happy we make our customers. At USA Mortgage, we look at our customers as partners, and we want to be partners for life. Here are just a few of the things they’ve shared about working with us…

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Jason S. in Fairview Heights, IL

Great Experience on May 1, 2022
Communication between us was seamless, he was available for any and all questions throughout the process. To me, Jason is what’s great about it.
Loan Originator: Jason Stanfield

Joseph P. in Martinsburg, WV

Great Experience on April 30, 2022
Jessy went above and beyond for my family and I. We wasn't in the best situation Credit wise, and in a matter of weeks with Jessy's guidance we was able to go from being non approved to getting approved for more than we ever thought possible.
Loan Originator: Jessy Printz

Ryan B. in Stafford, VA

Great Experience on April 23, 2022
Easy to work with and helped me every step of the way. They worked hard to ensure my mortgage was secured and we closed on time with our house
Loan Originator: Jessy Printz

Evan J. in Mckinney, TX

Great Experience on April 19, 2022
We're pretty enthused and still in awe. Both myself and wife are for sure. The final steps were fast and smooth. Working with Ian and the team as a whole, we could not be happier and could not have done any of this without Ian's help and promptness. For me, Ian was relatable and was always happy to chat after prime business hours. Ian's shows EXCEPTIONAL CHARACTER and class and it bleeds through and true. We hope Ian has the mutual feeling and that he enjoyed us as customers. We look forward to working with Ian (and referring him) down the road!
Loan Originator: Ian Blake

Laura G. in Winchester, VA

Great Experience on April 8, 2022
Jessy; the entire experience was just so great for me. I already sent you the thank you email that details how pleased and impressed I was with this entire process. Thank you again so much! I'm very grateful I was able to work with you and your team.
Loan Originator: Jessy Printz

Heather R. in Saint Charles, MO

Great Experience on April 7, 2022
Robert and his team member Amber were great to work with during the mortgage process. They were patient and answered all of my questions, and I had many! My only negative would have been from time of initiation to the time we were able to lock in our rate. As the market was moving so quickly, we ended up paying an extra 0.5% interest rate because it took longer in this process that I would have liked. Other than that - great job team!
Loan Originator: Robert Vondera

Robert H. in Springfield, OH

Great Experience on March 22, 2022
Easy to reach, helpful advice, willing to help explain anything that might be confusing and making sure things are good to go on time.
Loan Originator: Braeden Rines

Sandra S. in New Haven, MO

Great Experience on March 18, 2022
Took time to explain each step during refinancing.
Loan Originator: Robert Vondera

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