Is as safe as going to a bank to take care of my home purchasing needs?

Yes, but decide for yourself. USA-Mortgage uses encryption to transfer data back and forth between our site and your computer. What this means is that the only person that sees the data on your screen is YOU. We utilize the same encryption technology that has been used successfully by the FBI, CIA, and ATM Machines worldwide. utilizes VeriSign for our secure information transmissions over the internet. VeriSign is the world’s leading provider of digital certificate solutions for businesses and individuals wanting to perform secure electronic commerce and communications over the internet. VeriSign is the provider of secure electronic commerce solutions for AT&T, EDS, Microsoft, VeriFone, Visa and others. VeriSign provides security services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. is very proud to utilize VeriSign’s services to provide the ultimate security for our customers.

Internet commerce is the fastest growing method of doing business. Purchasing mortgages and other banking services from the convenience of your own home 24 hours, 7 days a week is becoming a part of our daily lives. is proud to be a leader in providing value, convenience and security in mortgage shopping via the internet. We are proud to provide the best security available for you to confidently conduct your business electronically.

What about my personal Information?

USA-Mortgage will not under any circumstances share your name, address, telephone number, or financial information of any kind without express written consent from you. Period.