2024 Circle of Excellence


 We want to extend our congratulations to our TOP local lenders from 2023! Their unwavering commitment to their clients, partners, and the Home of Possibility is truly exceptional. Their remarkable work ethic exemplifies the determination and dedication required to turn dreams of homeownership into a reality. 

We want to thank our Mortgage Loan Originators for their: relentless work ethic and long hours spent at the office to get the job done, dedication to their borrowers’ needs, wants, and priorities, and determination to make the home buying experience seamless for all.

 Below are our Circle of Excellence members!

  • DIAMOND CLUB: Crystal Cobb, Paige Ringkamp, Austin Rines, Brian Neary, Dan Krummel, Daniel Dagenais, Dione Oliver, Heather Powell, Jhoana Kerley, John Sprengnether, Karl Svendsen, Laura Reiminger, and Sam Rosenblatt
  • PLATINUM CLUB: Adrian Clary, Amanda Moseley, Cole Keeling, Danielle Boote, David Luxton, Doug Stahlschmidt, Dylan Morgret, Matthew Koch, Matt Shields, and Vic Bals
  • GOLD CLUB: Christi Bukaty, David Willcox, Debbie Cobb, Heather Musick, Kenny Rosenthal, Matthew Soutee, Molly Call, Scott Wensler, Shawn Bowling, Tommy Rosenthal, Tiffany Winebrinner, and Travis Bell
  • SILVER CLUB: Charitti Sullinger, Elmin Zahirovic, Eric Boyt, Jeremy Johnson, John Daniel, Julie Poulin, Kim Faas, Kristen Peter, Matt Frump, and Niska Baker
  • BRONZE CLUB: Brett Kelley, Doug Davis, Emma Bodwell, Eric Ensley, Michael Vanella, Michelle Refino, Michelle Lambrich, Nathan Maberry, Rashele Hubbard, Timothy Schnitzler, Todd Connaway, and Zach Hopper

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