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COVID-19 Statement

What Employee-Owned DAS Acquisition is Doing to Safely Keep Home Loan Funding on Track

Our Pledge to Industry Partners: Performance and Personal Safety

In these extraordinary times, DAS Acquisition Company, LLC. wants our industry partners to know that we are committed to everyone’s safety. The Company is already equipped with a superior technological infrastructure allowing our St. Louis headquartered firm the unique ability to keep home loan closings
moving ahead.

Backing that capability is our 750+ owner-employees – an unmatched asset. Experienced at working remotely, they are operating at full strength and enabling us to team with our agent and title company partners to facilitate on-time closings with minimal face-to-face contact.

On the appraisal front, often no one needs to go into a borrower’s home currently as many programs are temporarily revising their guidelines for the current climate. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac eased inspection and reporting guidelines granting us a unique ability to accept desktop or exterior-only inspections in lieu of traditional ones. Similarly, HUD is now allowing for exterior-only or desktop-only inspections on purchases and rate-and-term refinances and exceptions on re-inspections. VA is also allowing exterior-only inspections on purchase and rate-and-term refinance. USDA an “Exterior-Only Inspection Residential Appraisal Report will be accepted. In such cases, appraisers are not required to certify that the property meets HUD HB 4000.1 standards. When an interior inspection is required, our sister company, Red Eagle Appraisals are available to perform it in a 100% safe manner.

We are also utilizing innovative techniques to execute safety-first closings™, featuring digital options and curbside notary services, when the presence of a notary is required.

Finally, our customers have long utilized a fully digital loan application suite that requires ZERO human interaction as they digitally submit and sign all documents.

Please join us in wishing for the best possible outcome for those afflicted by the Coronavirus – especially the heroes on the front lines who are selflessly tending to the sick and working so hard to keep us safe.

And please remember: we will get through this, together!

The Owner-Employees of USA Mortgage

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