Is Your Agent Helping You Discover What’s Possible?

There are three important Cs of homebuying. And we’re not talking about color, cut, and clarity. Within those three homebuying Cs are specific questions that will help you determine whether you’re partnered with a trusted professional.

Competence. Having the title doesn’t always mean the job will be done right.

  • How many homes did you and your brokerage sell last year?
  • What designations or certifications do you hold?
  • How many days does it take you to sell a home? How does that compare to others?
  • What’s the average variation between your initial listing and final sales price?
  • What specific marketing systems and approaches will you use to sell my home?
  • Will you represent me exclusively, or might you also choose to represent the seller/buyer?
  • Can you recommend service providers who can help me make home or credit repairs?
  • What is your average number of clients?
  • What is your ratio of buyers to sellers?
  • What area(s) do you cover?
  • Are you equipped to handle unique situations?

Communication. Speed, transparency, and emotional intelligence will help them connect with and best serve the client.

  • Are you willing to contact the listing agent to convey the strength of the file?
  • If we have questions and or concerns before offering on a specific property or during negotiations, what is the best way to reach you?
  • If you are unavailable, is there a secondary point of contact?
  • Is there anything I should know about you or your company that will help our buyer win in this market?
  • What type of communication should I expect from you?
  • How will you keep me informed about the progress of my transaction?

Consistency. Trust that they will do right by your clients, time and time again.

  • How long have you been in residential real estate sales? Is it your full-time job?
  • What percentage of your business is from referrals?
  • When was the last time you needed to extend closing?
  • Could you please give me the contact information of your three most recent clients?

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