Benefits of an Employee-Owned Company

USA Mortgage prides itself on being 100% Employee Owned since 2018. We believe that every employee should benefit from the company’s continued growth and success.

Do you want to know more about what it means for a company to be employee-owned? Keep reading below to learn why it is such an important asset to our company.

What is employee ownership?

To state this simply, employee ownership means that every employee owns stock in the company.

This is not the same as publicly traded companies where stocks can be bought and sold on the open market. Every employee earns stocks gradually as the employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) buys the company from the original owner.

Typically, an employee earns stocks after they have been with the company for at least one year. The idea of an ESOP is as a company becomes more successful, the values of those stocks should increase overtime. The longer our employees stay, the more stock they earn.

An ESOP is also a qualified retirement plan that is designed to benefit employee-owners long term. The added perk to an ESOP is employees still have access to traditional retirement plans, such as 401(k)s.

Customer Benefits: Buying from Employee-Owned Companies

  • Better Customer Service: Employee-owned companies have a strong morale that feeds into exceptional customer service. Employees bring a sense of pride that impacts both the services and the overall customer service experience in a positive way.
  • Supports ALL Employees: There is nothing more special than supporting a company that genuinely cares about their employees and shows this through financial opportunities. When a customer is purchasing or using a product from an ESOP company, they are supporting all the employees.
  • Supports Small Business: A big portion of employee-owned companies are small businesses. The overall experience is much more personal.

Employee Benefits: Working for an Employee-Owned Company

  • Pride in Ownership: As an employee, it is very important to love what you do. Our employee-owners know how important their work is. There is a true pride in ownership for the company.
  • Community: At USA Mortgage, we know how important the power of community and teamwork can be. Our company thrives through the collaboration and dedication of all our employee-owners.
  • Our employees have a financial incentive beyond a paycheck. The have their physical hands in the success of our company.

Do you want to learn how to join USA Mortgage and learn more about our ESOP? Click here to see what job opportunities we have available!

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