Get Your House Ready to Sell in Summer

Typically, the most popular time for buying and selling real estate is when the weather gets warm. If you are gearing up to list your home or investment property, a short list of small, but meaningful maintenance tasks can make a big difference in its value.

Whether you’re preparing your home for sale, getting ready to move into a new apartment, or are just looking to clean out your space, here are a few recommendations to achieve a clean, clutter-free home that’s sure to resonate well with a potential buyer.

  • Clean, declutter and organize: tidy up the closets, clear off all surfaces, and only keep the necessities out in the open (like a candle or plant).
  • Wash your windows: cleaning your windows will make a world of difference. Once clean, you’ll notice the sun shining in brighter and that view of the city skyline or your backyard is even better than before.
  • Repaint, touch up and replace: address normal wear and tear, repaint and fill any cracks in the walls, fix anything that might be broken or outdated like hardware and fixtures, replace lightbulbs that are out, clean any mildew or water calcification spots in bathtubs and showers, and re-grout if needed.
  • Replace linens: plain white sheets and towels are always a safe bet to leave a room feeling clean and fresh.
  • Rearrange furnishings: we recommend staging your home with furniture and décor to truly enhance the space and give potential buyers the best idea of what their new space could look like.
  • Go green: adding fresh flowers and house plants will bring new life and sense of warmth to the house. If you have a front or backyard, landscaping is also key to a successful showing.

There’s nothing better than the feeling after a good, whole-home clean. If you follow these recommendations before listing your home this summer, you will find that low effort will pay off in big ways.

Is your house clean and ready to put on the market? Find a Mortgage Loan Originator near you who can help you begin the journey of selling and buying!

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