Holiday Decorating Ideas Interior Designers Use in Their Own Homes

There’s no wrong way to decorate for the holidays, but having some tips to help guide you along the way can definitely help you bring the joy home in style. Here are some of the ways interior designers have spruced up their homes for the holidays.

  • Deck out every detail. From every doorway to railing, cover it all in holiday cheer (or garland, whatever works best for you).
  • Incorporate family memories. If your mother decorated the house with natural greenery, holly berries, and ornaments everywhere, it could be honorable to continue those same traditions. Carrying the same nostalgic looks throughout your current home can help nurture your memories, while building new ones for your children and grandchildren.
  • Honor the style of your home. An antique home is the perfect backdrop for classic decorations; a modern home looks elegant with matching modern décor; a rustic home is the best place for Nordic holiday accents.
  • Stick to a color combination. Choose a theme and stick to it throughout your entire home. If red and gold accents are your favorite way to spread holiday cheer throughout the home, lean into those two colors in every room.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment. When it comes to the holidays: more is more. This is the season to be extravagant. Instead of a tree shirt, try a vintage fishbowl or planter. Why stop at putting garland on jus the railings? Put it above the cabinets or line the ceilings with it. Don’t forget: it’s your home, you can do what you want with it.
  • Go monochromatic. If bold color isn’t your thing, try going settle, but elegant with a mix of natural greenery, branches, and wood.
  • Embrace the mix. One trick to making your home feel extra merry: lots of votives – on window ledges, behind arrangements, on tall book shelves. This tactic is easy and the effect is magical.
  • Amp up your usual tablescape. You don’t need to whip out a whole new set of china to make the table feel festive – a few strategically-colored additions to a classic blue-and-white tablescape will do the trick. Winter berries in vases, wreaths on windows, garland strung throughout the house, and flowers and magnolia in every room are some easy ways to elevate your space.
  • Start fresh. Some designers take the leap of faith every year. It can bode well to disregard the ideas of last year and completely start fresh with decorations. If you’re feeling courageous: try putting your holiday cheer in a different room this season.
  • Repetition is classic. Repeating design statements adds serious impact. If you decide to put a wreath in one window, a wreath needs to go in EVERY window.
  • Embrace boxwood wreaths. Don’t be afraid to use boxwood wreaths all over the house; in front of mirrors, tied onto furniture, used a table centerpiece.
  • Scents are important. Smell plays an important part of the season, which is why it’s best not to underestimate it. Nothing gets that feeling going quicker than a bowl full of close pierces oranges or mulled wine with cinnamon.
  • Do a final edit. To a handful of designers, it’s important to do a final edit. Try to create one big statement, then make sure everything else is secondary and complements it.

Which of these tips have you tried or are eager to introduce to your holiday decorating process?

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