June Numbers & ESOP Statements

What this team continues to do is absolutely indescribable. When the craziness around us subsides, we will all look back at this time period with utter astonishment. said CEO Doug Schukar on July 16th. 

At the beginning of July, we tallied the final numbers for the month of June. And we must say, there are no words to describe the commitment and unselfish contribution every team member has made during this historical time in the mortgage industry and our company as a whole. 

June was a month to celebrate for sure: it was the second best month in the company’s history (behind May) in both closed loans and closed volume! Final numbers for June 2020 were: 2,080 loans closed for $454 million! The prior best June was just last year; with closed 1,400 loans for $286 million. We crushed that record!

The closing of June and the beginning of July also bring about another exciting celebration: our annual ESOP Statements!

The company’s ESOP 2019 valuation has been finalized and for that we would like to say congratulations to all of our employee owners!

If this is your first time through our annual ESOP process, we would like to say Congrats!. If it’s your 2nd time you get a Double Congrats! If it’s your 3rd time we have the honor of giving you an extremely rare Triple Congrats!

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