Mortgage Moms

As female professionals in the mortgage industry, women often find themselves in a typically male-dominated arena. They often have to work twice as hard as men to make a name for themselves in any industry, and this work triples as a mother. 

We have incredible admiration for all our Mortgage Moms! Their work ethic, grit, and determination are truly unmatched and they all deserve so much respect and recognition day in and day out!

Each week during the month of May, we had the pleasure of highlighting and showing our support for some of our amazing Mortgage Moms because our company wouldn’t be as successful without their hard work, dedication, and true commitment! See some of their stories below – 

  • Linda Pring, President: The only word for Mortgage Moms is sacrifice. Every day we give up precious time with our families in order to pursue a career in an industry that is welcoming to women, as well as provides job longevity, meaning that typically you do not age out, as in so many other areas of business. This is not a 9 to 5 job, nor is it 5 days per week. This is a difficult, regulated industry and we have the smartest moms on the planet. We should start an ESOP moms support group. 
  • Molly Call, Mortgage Banker, NMLS #1099496 : The mommy struggle is real, then adds to the crazy mortgage business. I truly believe we have some sort of superpower to be able to juggle it all! Our work never stops, yet we still manage to keep our clients happy and kids smiling. I wouldn’t want this wild life of mine any other way! 
  • Paige Ringkamp, Mortgage Banker, NMLS #1448387: It’s important to me that he grows up seeing his mom work hard and prioritize her business. My husband is an insanely involved dad, in all the best ways. There’s no way I’d be able to continue to spend the necessary time on my business if he, and the rest of our family, were not all supportive of my vision. He also better grow up to have great customer service for how often he is helping me while I’m on the phone!
  • Michelle Leesmann, Mortgage Banker, NMLS #953851: Owning a seat at the table that is male dominated is an uphill battle for your entire career, getting there and then maintaining it. You have to block out the noise and continue to hustle. The good news is that most highly successful women don’t need a pat on the back for every accomplishment, we know our self worth but that doesn’t mean we don’t need to be supported. Surround yourself with like minded, supportive people that know your drive and will continue to lift you up. Throw being a mom and all the guilt of not just a working mom but the demands of the mortgage industry that isn’t a 9-5, juggled with mom duties, takes big shoulders. Grit, determination, ethics, compassion, self motivation, tenacity, resourcefulness and positivity are all qualities to succeed in the mortgage industry as a banker and mother. Be kind to yourself, balance is key and make every moment count when you can with your family. The one thing about the mortgage industry I love most is you reap what you sow and we work hard but also play hard! 
  • Stephanie Whaley, Mortgage Banker, NMLS #346574: I started as a mortgage lender in March of 2003 just a couple of weeks after my sixth child was born. I worked full time, was the room mother, was on every booster club my kids were involved in, sat in on panels for the school district, coached, led her girl scout troop, you name it, I did it – all while working and taking up my own hobbies. I’m still the biggest cheerleader to my kids; but still feel like mortgage moms work multiple jobs nonstop and don’t always get the break we need or deserve.
  • Krista Edwards, Insuring Team Lead: I just roll with the punches at work or as a mom. I enjoy the flexibility I have been given as a single mother to be able to attend school functions and get them to necessary appointments. Having been with the company over 20 years coworkers are like an extended family and have been with me and my kids over time.
  • Amanda Eaton, Mortgage Banker, NMLS #273056: I say this to my LOs daily: I once saw a plate spinner at the circus. There has never been a better visual representation of what it’s like to be a mom in the world of mortgage!
  • Kaitlyn Williams, Mortgage Banker, NMLS #372782: Being a mortgage lender has surpassed what I could have ever imagined for my career. I feel so blessed to have landed in this business over 11 years ago. I spent many years before I had children working extremely hard, long days and nights, many weekends  but because of all the work I put in at the beginning of my career, I have lots of flexibility to be there for my children when they need me. I truly could not have asked for a better job or company to work for!

We’re extremely proud of the work and dedication all our employee mothers have put into this company and are honored to share pieces of their stories.

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