Resilience of Employee-Owned Companies

The resilience of employee-owned companies is incomparable, with a big factor pointing to the many advantages of the employee-owners themselves. Employees aren’t the only ones who are seeing the benefits, clients and customers of employee-owned companies are seeing the advantages as well.

Our company, USA Mortgage, has been 100% employee-owned for over three years. We’ve seen firsthand how these benefits extend to our customers. Here are just three of the many benefits!

  1. Employees (and Their Knowledge) Stick Around Longer

Customers get used to seeing familiar faces as employee retention is much higher compared to other companies. Employee-owners know that customers play a huge part in the company’s success and want to provide the best customer service to ensure a great experience.

Enhancing employee skills through training and shared company knowledge is also a priority. The relationships with other partners run deep and the trust has been built. This makes a huge difference when experience and consistency counts.

  1. More Agility Through Accountability

When you are doing business with an employee-owned company, most people you come across are owners. Customers have so much to gain from this personal investment – engaged employees with a hand in the company’s financial success directly correlates with an outstanding job performance.

Employee-owners are often more motivated to provide solutions to a problem and make decisions quickly to keep a customer’s need moving forward – and they’re accountable for the success of those solutions. This commitment and hard works help employee-owned companies keep their doors open.

  1. Stability Clients Can Count On

The pandemic has challenged the business community is very unexpected way. During this trying time, ESOPs proved to be better in job retention, benefits, and workplace safety according to research. Employee-owned companies are seeing a bright future as business is returning!

If you are interested in joining our team to become an employee owner too, apply to one of our job openings today!

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