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Scotsman Guide Top Mortgage Lender in Overall Volume

As acknowledged by Scotsman Guide, the world changed dramatically in 2020 as the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the globe and impacted many aspects of life. Customer foot traffic slowed to a near stop, causing businesses to struggle and some to close permanently.

Because of the virus, everyday activities once taken for granted — eating out, going to the movies or simply spending time with loved ones — became almost unordinary. At the start of the health crisis, the mortgage industry was much like the rest of the world facing an uncertain future. No one knew how lockdown measures would ultimately affect home buying activities.

Lenders and originators were skeptical about staying profitable or even keeping the lights on. A year later, however, it’s clear that residential mortgage companies of all shapes and sizes are doing better than ever. Not only are they doing record amounts of business, they’re helping a LARGE number of people by providing homeownership opportunities and loan refinancings to save precious cash in stressful economic times.

We would like to extend a well-deserved congratulations to our entire team for being recognized as a Scotsman Guide Top Mortgage Lending Company in Overall Volume in 2021! We are always amazed and extremely humbled by our employee owners’ dedication, work ethic, and commitment to the Home Of Possibility.

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