St. Louis Bank Statement Programs

This is one of the best loan options for self-employed individuals. Bank Statement Programs provide entrepreneurs, freelancers, or other individuals who do not have a consistent income stream, the ability to pay for a mortgage. For aspiring St. Louis homeowners or investors who meet the criteria, apply with USA Mortgage. We’ll make the process as simple as possible ensuring a commitment to find you the best rates and options. Start the process today! Possibility is just a click away!

What are Bank Statement Programs?

Designed to help self-employed borrowers, entrepreneurs, or freelancers, bank statement programs make it easier to qualify for a loan or mortgage. With bank statement programs, borrowers use bank statements instead of tax returns to prove their income — a helpful option for borrowers who have complicated tax situations or who have recently started their own businesses.

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Who is eligible for a Bank Statement Loan in St. Louis?

Eligibility depends on a few factors. For one, bank statement programs require 2 years of self-employment. Along with those 2 years, you must provide 12 months of personal bank statements or 24 months of business bank statements. Finally, for the best options and rates, these loans require a credit score of 600 or more. 

Why a Bank Statement Program?
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